Week 3: GV Water Visits

Week 3 was a short but very exciting week in JDG!

We came to school refreshed from our 3 day weekend and got ready for Fun Run Day on Wednesday. Everyone did a fantastic job and tried their very best to get around the Victoria Park Lake as quick as possible. A big CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Lucy Potter for coming in first place our of all the Grade 2 girls! We are very proud of you Lucy!



Today we had the wonderful Alice and Kristy from GV Water  come to visit our school. They talked about why we should choose to drink tap water and what happens to the stuff we flush down our toilets and put down our drains.

File 29-04-2016, 1 24 04 PM File 29-04-2016, 1 24 43 PM


Our maths session today was very hands on with all things measurement. We got a streamer the length of our bodies and then had to work out how tall we where using a range of different informal units. Check out the video to see how we went.

Measurement Lesson


Reading has been a big focus as well this week with the class keeping a graph and their independent reading time. We hope to one day get to a full 20 minutes of independent reading. It’s going to take some time but we are working on our reading stamina. We had a treat from Shady this week, he read us his favourite book, “The Book with no Pictures” please take the time to enjoy his version of the story.

The Book with no Pictures- Read by Shady


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