Week 6: Education Week Fun!

We have had a pretty crazy week in JDG even though we were in the classroom the whole time!

The theme for education week was TECHNOLOGY, we invited our parents in to discover the app Quiver. It was extremely fun to be able to show off the interesting creatitions.


We created a Puzzle of Strengths which we decorated each piece with positive things about ourselves.


We also have some superstar puzzlers who completed their first puzzle together… Well done Amber and Samuella!


In Inquiry we did an experiment to learn how water travels up stems to help plants live. Have a look at how gorgeous our flowers look after just one day.


Also our seeds are growing really well, they have stronger roots, Check it out…


Other things we have done this week are our very first computer session where we learnt to log on to our individual profiles, thanks heaps to Mr D’Arma for helping us. We also were very lucky to have Linda come in and teach us some awesome Italian. We learnt numbers, a song, colours and played some games using the Italian words we had learnt.

After a very jam packed week at school we are all looking forward to a nice break over the weekend to rest up before another crazy busy week of learning!

2 thoughts on “Week 6: Education Week Fun!

  1. To JDG,
    You guys look like you are having SOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!
    Your blog is so awesome and I am going to keep looking at it till I can not look at it any more.
    Say a big hello to Katliyn, Chelsea, Samuella and any other friends I might have forgotten. Please keep writing on your blog because I want to read it!!!!!
    All the best, Sophie.

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